#2getherwearebetter: 2016 Plans & Goals


Call me an overachiever.  Or just a lover of alliteration.  But I think my #16for16 is off to a great start.  I wanted to have something catchy for this big upcoming year, especially since last year's #focusedin15 worked so well for me.  When I met with a few of my best girlfriends on New Year's Eve to map out our plans and intentions for the coming year, I broke each of my big areas into three sub-goals.  I added one little overall goal to the bottom...and BAM!  There was my #16for16.

Everything is kind of self-explanatory in the bullets, but a few things may not be.  For example, PTP (Polishing the Pulpit) is a spiritual retreat week that my congregation hosts for churches of Christ from all around.  It originally started as an opportunity for preachers to connect, but then it grew into an amazing get-together of Christians from all around.  I'm hopeful that by going I will grow spiritually and that I might even meet my future husband there!  Surely there will be new people to meet there.  I know it will be a great investment of my time.

The "NB" that I talk about in my professional goals is my National Board Certification journey.  I've mentioned before that I'm working on that, and this year, I'm trying to tackle the first three components.  Now that the submission time is getting closer, it's gotta be nose to the grindstone time for me.

One thing I feel exceptionally proud of and feel like I'm taking advantage of is my physical goals.  I would probably already be overwhelmed by now if I were starting all these challenges in this first month of the new year.  However, I began this past November with my workouts, and I've had really exciting results.  I am already down 20 pounds and two dress sizes.  I still have a way to go, but I'm proud of myself for making exercise and healthier eating a lifestyle change for myself.


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