TpT Seller Challenge: Week 1: Makeover Madness

I'm really excited to accept the TpT Seller Challenge hosted by the fabulous ladies at Third in Hollywood, Teach Create Motivate, Peppy Zesty Teacherista, and Sparkling in Second.  Sometimes being a seller can be difficult to balance with our other life roles, so we're taking on one task at a time...together.  The "pre-task" was collecting our social media stats.  This week was so busy that I noted mine on Tuesday morning, but I got distracted and didn't post them to Instagram until today!  So here's where I'm beginning...

This week is the official first week of the challenge, and this week's task was a Makeover Madness challenge.  We were supposed to take an existing product in our stores and give it a little "face lift."  We were free to design and re-design however we wanted, as long as we shared/blogged about our "before and after" and shared it with the other challengers.

I took on my product "How to Make an Ice Cream Sundae."  It's an expository "how to" writing product that serves as an introductory lesson (or series of lessons) to generate student writing in this genre.  Take a peek at the improvements I made in the photos below!

My makeover included a complete redesign of each page of the product, primarily with enhanced fonts, graphics, and layouts.

If you've never made a burrito booklet before, you can download my freebie on how to assemble it from my TpT store.  I completely revamped the burrito booklet component of this resource with new fonts and graphics.  I tried to strategically select those fonts and graphics that would require less ink when printing or copying the student materials.

Everything you need from start to finish is in this resource, including a pre-writing activity (as seen above) and a new and improved publishing template for students' final drafts.

Of course, I did add some completely new parts!  I added a standards page to help you coordinate which ELA standards were best addressed by this resource, a note to the teacher with additional suggestions, and an answer key for the pre-writing activity.

To celebrate my new makeover, I'm going to put it on sale for a week!  It's usually $4.00, but you can get it for 50% off until next Friday night (June 26).  Just click on any of the pictures above or click here to grab it!

Head back here to the original post to check out the other teachers' makeovers!


  1. I love the updates you made! The new borders make it cleaner and easier to read!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

    1. Thank you, Angela! I really love how it turned out too. :)

  2. I'm loving the new fonts! They definitely spruce up your product. And I think it's great that you added the standards and answer key for teachers. Good luck in next week's challenge!

    1. Thanks a bunch! I'm in LOVE with KG fonts. I hadn't known about all her awesomeness when I first started selling, but I have to give props to her on this one for all that font fabulousness. Thank you for coming by to check out my makeover madness! :)

  3. Your updates look great! Isn't it fun to play with the fonts? They all look great together!

    The Super Sparkly Teacher

    1. Thanks so much, Carol! I'm still learning how to pair them all, but I think these turned out a-okay (for now, anyway). Ha ha!


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