Saturday, February 28, 2015

Why I Have Absolutely Loved My Planner!

So right now it's kind of hard to stay focused on the here and now.  I think many of us start feeling spring fever and thinking about what we "coulda, woulda, shoulda" done differently this year.  I think that's a completely normal part of teaching and a very healthy reflective attitude.  But, of course, we want to still be dedicated to our current students and stay focused on the tasks at hand.  That's just one reason why I am so glad I took the time to make my planner last year.  I still see some things I want to do differently...because, like you, I'm already planning for next year, so I am mentally designing my changes already.  But since it takes me quite a while to personalize and design each and every one, let me tell you why I have loved mine so much this year and why I think you need one too.

1.  It's SO cute!  Who doesn't enjoy planning in a planner that is personalized for their own needs and likes?  It makes me EXCITED to do what could otherwise be a very mundane task.  Although, since I don't like my own handwriting, getting the courage to "mess up" the beautiful pages with my chicken scratch for the first time was a whole other issue!

2. Okay, so I've used this baby like 1,000 times this year!  (Maybe that's a little hyperbolic, but seriously...A LOT!)  So many of our accounts have those randomly generated passwords that don't mean anything to can I memorize a random string of letters, numbers, and the occasional symbol?  Now I don't have to!

3. Keeping my messy head organized!  With checklists and procedures in place for my whole year, it has made me much more systematic, and therefore, effective. 

4. My learning evidence this year is going to kick major booty!  I have been jotting down notes and typing up evidence all year long for things that accomplish my two indicators (performance standards, for my non-Alabama teacher friends).  Collaboration and professional development were my two this year, so no need to try to recall it all when I enter evidence...just flip to this page and glance over my notes. #likeaboss

5. Documentation!  I have kept wonderful records this year about parent-teacher communication and teacher-teacher communication. A huge part of my job is collaborating, and now I can be a master record-keeper of it all!  

So even though it seems like next year is SO far away, it will be here in the blink of an eye!  So I'm already taking orders for next year's planners. And don't wait because I won't take any orders after April 15!  That's the deadline. Period. Because I have to have time to make them, you see!

Hop over to my Weebly page with more info to pick out your print and to order your very own. 

And just to spice it up a little, I'm also hosting a chance to win one for FREE!  Check out the deets below!  Best of luck! 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What's in My Cart? Teachers Are Heroes TpT Site Wide Sale!!!

My name is Erika, and I have a digital paper & clip art addiction.  Okay, there...I said it.  Now can I shop?
I always get so excited when I find out there's another TpT sale in the mix because it means potential sales of my resources as well as a great excuse to shop!  Several of us bloggers have linked up to share with you which items have caught our eye for the sale tomorrow.  

Several of you also know what time of the year it's almost time to order personalized planners for next year!  That means two awesome excuses for me to fill my cart full of more digital papers, clip arts, and graphics galore!

 Journal Flags Tabs by Sonya DeHart Design

Scrappy Dividers Set 2 by Graphics From the Pond

And that's pretty much just the first round!  I'm sure I'll be back for more before the day is through because I love Teachers Pay Teachers!

Head back over to Mrs. D's Corner to see the other bloggers' carts!

Teachers Are Heroes Product Linky: Celebrations & Traditions Around the World

You've probably heard the exciting news about the TpT sale tomorrow!  You can save up to 28% off some of your wish-listed items by using the code HEROES when you check out on the Teachers Pay Teachers site.  So it's time to clear off your wish list and put some change in a fellow teacher's pocket!

We want you to make the most of your hard-earned money by sharing some of our superhero resources by sharing some of the feedback we've gotten from fellow sellers and buyers.  That's why we put together this little linky party to share the resources that have our superhero stamp of approval! 
It truly warms my heart when another teacher leaves a thoughtful, meaningful feedback message on my resources.  I know that I've made another teacher's job easier and reached his or her students with the work I've made.

Recently I got this little message from my TpT dashboard.  I don't know who to thank because it was left anonymously, but thanks so much to the person who did! 
On this same product, another sweet user left me this feedback that definitely brought a big smile to my face.
This particular product happens to also be my bestseller, but I've actually given it a complete facelift and added some goodies to it in a new DELUXE bundle.  I had several requests for reading passages to accompany each of the holidays mentioned in the package, so I wrote 30 passages to add to the bundle!  There are 3 scaffolded reading passages to accompany each holiday in the unit so that you can easily differentiate between grade levels, for English learners, for special needs students, and for enrichment.  So that you get the maximum benefit from buying these resources together, I'm including the link to the DELUXE bundle here.   

Happy shopping!

Browse around the linky for other heroic products, or feel free to grab the graphic and link up your own! Link to a post containing one heroic product and its feedback. Use the graphic if you wish. (No direct links to stores or products, please.) Include the linky button and link it back to this post so others may find great heroic products.
Head back over to Diane's post at Fifth in the Middle to check out the other "super" products!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Currently February 2015

So...I was thinking that maybe I should start calling this my "Previously" post instead of "Currently" because I can't seem to get with the program and get this post done at the beginning of the month!  Oh, well!  I have so many lofty goals for blogging this year and particularly this summer, but I suppose as busy as we stay, a few days late with a post isn't unforgivable! 

Listening...Well, the 10:00 PM news just went off, so now it's time for Jimmy Kimmel!  Perhaps I can get a few "ha-ha" moments before bedtime.  I was just listening to a few more chapters of my Insurgent audiobook before turning on the TV though.  Don't get me wrong, I've read it plenty before because I'm a HUGE fan of the series, but I always do my best to re-read a title before its movie hits theaters...and we are fewer than 50 days out, folks!

Loving...I just got the sequel book to a book I read over Christmas called Just One Day.  The sequel is called Just One Year.  I typically don't read romance novels per se, but this one is a very mild, sweet story with a plot that just pulls you in.  I love alternative perspective books, so I'm digging that this one is told from "his" perspective. 

Thinking...about my next unit.  Do you ever get "stuck" on that metaphorical hamster wheel?  I've got all my ideas pinballing around my head, but I can't quite pin down exactly how I want to sequence the parts and plan the transition activities.  Ugh!  Sometimes I get on my own nerves...LOL!

Wanting...So for the past two Thursday nights I've had something going on that has kept me from watching my show.  I feel lightyears behind because when you miss an episode on TVD, you miss A LOT!  I'm having Damon Salvatore withdrawals, so I think it's time for me to carve out some "me time" and get caught up.  Tomorrow night will make 3 episodes that I'm behind!  Priorities, right? 

Needing...I need to get focused and better organized about my TpT stuff and blogging.  I want to get some new products up so I can make more sales and get new followers.  I feel like I have so many ideas and never enough hours to see them all to fruition.  I would certainly treasure any advice that my predecessors would offer me!  Feel free to comment if you've found the secret to success.

Pageant Title...This is where I was totally drawing a blank because I don't see myself as a pageant participant.  I would like to think I would be a contestant for Miss Congeniality, mostly because that's nice for people to say about you and that I really have no idea what other titles are awarded!  That's so sad...I should pay more attention. 

So, I guess that's where my head is this month!  Wishing you all a successful and productive short month!  Happy February!