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Lie #3: You are too broken to love and too complicated to understand.

I’m not easy to love. I’ve never claimed to be. I’m a deeply sensitive and reflective soul. I’m a kaleidoscope of emotion. I see a thousand sides to every situation, and it takes me days or weeks to mull over things in my mind before feeling completely resolved on an issue. (And that usually requires multiple conversations with my BFFs too.) But I have passion and intensity like none other I know, and I will love more fiercely and more protectively than could ever be imagined once I break down my own walls. I am authentic to my very core, even when that authenticity shows my less than desirable traits lying right there for all to see on the very surface of my skin. 
Not to beat the metaphorical dead horse here, but I have opened up about my past relationship in my last post, and the wake of that volatile relationship certainly has its place in this third lie too. Before finding myself in that relationship, I endured many years of verbal and emotional abuse as a child. No form of abuse …

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