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One Little Word, 2019 Edition

Every year, like so many of you, I try to select a word that will govern my thoughts and actions for the year. If I’m completely honest, last year’s word was a complete failure, and it’s possible that I’ve never felt more UNdisciplined in my life. (But I may come back to that at a later time.)
Today I want to focus on my 2019 word and all it means for me. Last year was such an... interesting... year for my growth. It was the year I definitely never saw coming. But I faced a lot of fears and insecurities that I had no idea still loomed under my surface. I’m still facing those, and that growth process has led me to choose the word “enough.”

I love the song “You Say” by Lauren Daigle that my friend sent me. She knows some of my inner struggles and conflict and sent me this lyrical jewel in one of my dark moments last year. I dare say it’s been on repeat pretty much ever since. 
So I also embarked on a series (more to come) on the lies I have believed after beginning the book Girl, Wash Your…

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