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So I've been MIA for the last part of 2015...I have been doing some serious work on myself, and it feels great.  But of course that comes at the sacrifice of time or hobbies elsewhere, and unfortunately, I often let blogging go to re-prioritize other things.  Now I'm back...with some exciting things to look forward to in this new year.  Here's a peek at what I'm currently up to!

Listening: As usual, if there's a Twilight marathon on, it's on in my house.  Just can't help myself.

Loving: My new work out clothes!  Since the beginning of November, I'm down 20 pounds and two dress sizes!  I invested in some new cropped compression pants and a couple of racer back tanks.  Now I feel like I'm really killin' it when I'm getting my work out on!

Thinking: I have a giant "to do" list for this weekend.  Considering it's already Saturday night, it's probably best that I start knocking some stuff off the list.  Even though I didn't get much done from the list today, I still got a lot done.   (A 10K walk with a friend, reviewing my video and writing for National Boards, a quick nap, breakfast for dinner, and now blogging!)

Wanting: Now that I feel like I've got one video under my belt, I want to make sure the other video goes smoothly too.  And all that writing...I'm definitely in my feels about it.  I need to start dedicating more and more time to writing, and that's definitely going to mean some QT at the local Starbucks, I'm afraid.

Needing: I started a new 2016 cleaning schedule last week.  Monday and Tuesday were really strong, but I slacked starting Wednesday and coasted steadily downhill the rest of the week.  But I'm 6/7 days for actually making my bed this week, so I think that's admirable.

One Little Word: I've thought A LOT about what I want my OLW to be this year, and I've had trouble deciding.  But I think I've landed on RINGMASTER.  The last few years of my life were this whirlwind that I felt like I couldn't control and now I feel like I'm really finally putting the pieces back together.  I know that doesn't mean that bad things still won't happen, because that's life, but I feel like I'm taking back power over the things I CAN control.  Thus, I'm the ringmaster to this crazy three-ring circus of a life!  ;)

Hop back over to Farley's original post to see what my other teacher-blogger friends are up to in the new year.


  1. I love your OLW! Very applicable to teaching, as well as life. I try to get on a cleaning schedule too, but life always seems to get in the way!

  2. I love your OLW! Very applicable to teaching, as well as life. I try to get on a cleaning schedule too, but life always seems to get in the way!

  3. Congratulations on your weight loss! I am working hard on eating healthier and being healthier for myself and my family! Have a happy new year!

  4. Awesome job on the weight loss! I'm super jealous! I'm working on just eating healthier. I sprained my ankle and haven't been able to run in what seems like forever! It's driving me crazy! Have a happy new year!!!

    The Georgia Peach Teacher


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