Currently August 2015

It's hard to believe it's already August...I mean, where did the summer go?!  So here's my current situation...

Listening...this morning I've been listening to an epi of GMA while I work. Only a few more days 'til it's no more GMA for me. my diploma frame turned out!  I didn't want to have anything traditional. Not that there's anything wrong with traditional; I just wanted to think outside the box. I mean, it's only taken me four years to do it anyway!  I did know that I wanted something to hang my tassel to the right of my diploma.  A few weeks back I blogged about this really cool drawer shelf, and since then I've wanted something drawer-esque somewhere in my house. That wasn't my plan for the diploma frame, but then I saw this drawer photo frame at Hobby Lobby and fell in love. And it was 50% off!  Even better.  But I've rambled too long here anyway, so I will save the other deets for my next post. 

Thinking...that summer is way too short. 'Nuff said. get my room finished before Thursday (when teachers go back in my district), but that doesn't look like a realistic goal right now. I think I need to make some time to read this post from Maria at Kinder Craze entitled, "My Classroom Wasn't Ready (And It Was OK)." get to the doctor...good news!  By the time I've been able to actually finish this post I started this morning, I have been to the doctor!  And it wasn't an ear infection.  Just fluid in the ear.  Funny how something so seemingly trivial can hurt so much!  A shot, medicine, and I'm good to go

B2S RAK...I'm trying really hard (maybe not hard enough) to stay committed to my financial goals right now.  Part of that means cutting back on superfluous spending.  But that doesn't mean that I can't still do kind things for others.  As I work on implementing the 7 habits in my personal and professional life, I can focus on RAK associated with habit 5: seek first to understand, then to be understood.  Giving people sincere, meaningful compliments to make deposits into others' emotional bank accounts will cost me nothing!  But it will be priceless.  :)

Thanks to Farley for the link-up


  1. I LOVE your diploma frame! Mine is just the boring ole one that you can order when you graduate. We had open house tonight for my district, and school starts on Wednesday. The summer FLEW by!

  2. I love getting sticky notes with positive thoughts ... something simple to brighten the day! Compliments are awesome!

  3. Farley's Mom here.....LOVE your framed diploma....and wishing you a great school year.


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