#2getherwearebetter: Interactive Bulletin Boards

This month's #2getherwearebetter linky is all about bulletin boards.  Seems fitting since most of us are back to school or are heading there very soon.   I just wrote a post about my new welcome bulletin board a few days ago (read it here), so I decided to share my interactive bulletin board with you in this post. 

Last year, I wanted to do something to serve as a reminder of all the goals we were accomplishing throughout the year.  I wanted it to be something in which my students could take ownership and that their parents would enjoy seeing when they came to visit us.  I also wanted to address some language goals and incorporate technology, so I finally found a way to bring all those concepts together.

With our class timeline bulletin board, we can track the sequence of things we do all year long.  This helps my students with sequencing and with understanding how a timeline is constructed.  We also made audio QR codes to print on stickers to add to our photos on the board.  Students recorded their voices telling a summary of the activities we did that month.  The photographs I had printed helped them recall the details they wanted to share and served as a great visual while they recorded their ideas.  They had so much fun listening to themselves after we posted their narration. 

Admittedly, we weren't as consistent last year as I truly wanted to be.  I have better plans to continue it this year, and I already have the template on the board, ready to go!  I really like the idea of my students having autonomy over their own space in my/our classroom, so I plan to release more of that decorating/organizing responsibility to them this year.  I will try to remember to post updates so you can see how it comes along! 

Last year's partially completed board :(

Already have our new template ready to roll!
I would love to hear your ideas about how you get students to interact with your bulletin boards.  I'm always looking for new ideas. 


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