My Vegas Vacation Sale!

Now is the time of the summer when many of us start planning for the new school year. Wouldn't that be so much easier if you had a really organized, thorough planner to help you keep your teaching game strong through the whole year? 

No worries!  I got your back!

All 10 planner designs in my TpT store are now 20% off!  That means each one is less than $10. Strike now while the iron is hot!  You don't want to start the year unprepared

Why this planner?  Let me show you...

Here's a glimpse inside the brand new design Glitter Safari. 

Because I'm blogging from my phone, I will have to copy and paste the link, but here's how you can go directly to my store!  

Feel free to pin, share, and tweet about your sweet deal! 


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