Crossing the Office Overhaul Off the Summer Bucket List

When this summer began, there were so many things I wanted to accomplish!  Among them was reorganizing and decluttering my office and digging my way out of the piles of stuff that I had accumulated by not assigning each thing its proper home in my home.  So office overhaul was certainly on this summer's bucket list

I'm so thrilled that I can finally cross it off my list this week!  Of course, there are still a few small tasks left to accomplish, but I have significantly reduced the number of piles in the floor...and that's DEFINITELY progress in my book!  Take a look at my new spread.

I am so excited at how well my inspiration wall came together.  I wanted a vinyl quote and a hodge podge of little mementos and photos that made me remember all the reasons why I want to be successful.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I bought the Umbra Photo Hangit Photo Display and a "Choose Happiness" vinyl.  Admittedly, the vinyl was a little frustrating to put up, but I'm pleased with how it turned out.  I also think the square photos from Shutterfly really give it that lil somethin' extra.

I am also pumped to have all my Twilight goodies in one place too!  Also on this (new) bookshelf, I've been able to add my Oh Snap! bins with all my various school supplies with the two bottom shelves dedicated to my Thirty-One stuff.  (Yes, I'm a consultant on the below if you want to shop with me!) 

I've revamped the bookshelves so that the things on each shelf are practically placed according to my needs.  I've moved all my professional literature to the bookshelf closest to my desk for easy access.

As a Thirty-One consultant, I also have quite a bag addiction going...I have several things that just wouldn't fit in the shelves I showed earlier, and I also wanted easy access for when I need to "grab and go".  So I went to Amazon for a solution (as usual)...and found this cool wonky-shaped rack thing to hang several of my bags.

And one of the best partsLook who helped me all along the way!  LOL!

Of course, I still need to go through the stuff in this stack, and I have a bag full of yard sale books ready to go, but all things considered, I'm thrilled at the way it has turned out.  And, yes, I consider that a FINISHED project!   (And if you don't believe here to see how it was before!  Yikes!)


  1. Love this! Everything connects and it looks really good.


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