Teacher's Pets Linky...(a little belated)

First, I should apologize for my belated post.  I'm not sure where the month has gone!  The week before our spring break was so busy that I haven't had a chance until now to officially write and link up with A First for Everything on her Teacher's Pets Linky.  I've been trying to be better about my blogging goals this year by linking up and connecting with other bloggers, but I'm still navigating that whole balance of time issue!  So here goes...

First up...photos of my boys!  People often think I'm a mom to human children because I've always called my fur babies "the boys" or "my boys," but to me, they are my real children.  That is why I was completely devastated last year when I lost two of my babies almost back-to-back.  My whole world turned upside down in a matter of minutes...and again just three weeks later.  But I still hold them close to my heart, and I'm dedicating this post to their memory!

Of all the photos in my collections, I think this one of us at Christmas a few years back is my absolute favorite.  It most certainly was our Christmas card photo that year!  I don't think there ever was a time again that they were all so still.  

Allow me introduce my West Highland White Terrier...Picasso.  He passed away last year, but not before he got to enjoy one more snow!  I was so glad that we had such crazy weather last year so that he could enjoy it.  We always joked that he must have been part polar bear because he loved snow more than anything!  This first shot of him is from that snow last year.

He also enjoyed Christmas...including the part where he got to open his presents!  Yes, he did it all by himself!  

He was also quick to get into mischief if ever your back was turned!  He's trying to steal the Christmas pillow in this shot.  But honestly...how could that sweet face ever make the naughty list?

He loved playing football and soccer outside!  

And he could see everything from the top of his jungle gym!  (Yes, he was THAT spoiled!)

Perhaps most of all, he loved playing in the mud!  Not the best of hobbies for a Westie.  I definitely kept a load of towels going all the time 'cause of this little rascal.

But those moments when he would finally tire himself out...ah!  So precious it hurts my heart a little.  I miss him so much!

And then there was Chance.  Unfortunately, I lost him last year too.  He may have been the biggest, but he was the youngest.  That's one of the reasons I was so shocked.  But, as you can see from the photo, he was certainly a life force!  I miss that baby so much!  I was always a sucker for those big brown eyes!

When he first showed up at our house, it was like he picked us.  We couldn't find out anyone in the neighborhood to whom he'd belonged.  He was in bad shape, that poor baby.  He looked like Chance in Homeward Bound, and since we were taking a "chance" on him, we felt that was the perfect name!

He wasn't always calm!  I love this shot because this one really showcases his personality.  Happy-go-lucky and just proud to be here!

One of his favorite activities was riding to the park and chillin' in the creek!  We'd go for a walk or a gentle run (back in my fitter days!) and then relax creekside before going back home.

He seemed to like the snow too, but I sure wish I knew what he was thinking when I snapped this shot!

And he was definitely a Grandma's boy!  He loved going for a ride in her Jeep with the top down on a breezy summer day!  Just look at that face!!!

So now it's Buddy and me.  He's a long-haired Dachshund with one blue eye and one brown eye.  He's my little snuggle buddy

He loves close ups and trying to steal kisses when you least expect it!

He's a great helper when I'm working on the computer!

But his favorite thing is napping!


And rolling around in the yard!

But my favorite is when he snuggles with his Momma!

I just had to throw this extra shot in there...When Picasso and Chance passed away, my vet's office was so amazing.  They have done such an outstanding job taking care of all of us through the years, and they were so supportive during my loss.  When Chance died just three weeks after Picasso, I didn't know what I was going to do.  The very next Friday I had a delivery at my house of two pink carnations...one for each baby.  And they were from my vet.  I thought that was the most tender, beautiful gesture, and I will always treasure that.

So...these products are actually more like toys and goodies for me.  But they relate to the post, so I thought this was a great place to include them.  

After Picasso died, I wanted a way to honor his memory.  I'd been thinking about an Origami Owl locket for a while, so I decided to make the investment and get one in his honor.  (I just didn't know I would lose Chance so soon after that, or I would've waited and done something a little different - like a combination locket or something.)  I added jewels that spell "Pic" which was his nickname.  Of course, I had to include the popcorn and soccer ball because those were his favorites.  The dangling dog tag that says "fearless" is my reminder that I would do well to be a little more like Pic sometimes.  He was certainly fearless and a great protector.  He inspires me to be braver each and every day, especially whenever I look down at the tag on my locket.  

Then for Christmas last year, I asked my mom for one thing...I wanted nice Shutterfly photo-on-canvas prints of the boys.  (FYI you can only get the square ones through the app and not the website.)  That was really the only thing I wanted, and I knew they would look beautiful on the wall going into my kitchen.  Sure 'nuff...look how beautiful!  Each one captures the personality of each baby.  (Yes, Buddy has been known to grab the marabou or other soft, enticing fabrics when your back is turned!)  

Then, when I was shopping with one of my friends I found the other canvas on the table at T.J. Maxx.  I burst into tears when I read it, and I knew I had to have it.  Eventually, I'm going in invest in a new book shelf to go here instead of the cabinet and place their urns there along with the canvas photo and maybe a shadowbox with some other mementos.  

For Picasso's birthday last year, my mom bought a McDuff book in honor of Pic.  I cried when I read the story!  It was the perfect gift to treasure our beloved Westie, and I would highly recommend it for any classroom.  McDuff books are sometimes hard to find though, but I hope to begin a little collection...starting with this one! 

Thanks for coming by and checking out all my boys' crazy antics!  It's so awesome to connect with fellow teachers who are also dog lovers, so head back over to A First for Everything to read everyone's posts.


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