Currently March 2015

I feel like I'm so ahead of the game (in blogging, that is).  I've made two posts in the last two days.  I give myself an A+.  But I think it was more a fluke than anything else...LOL!  So here goes my Currently for March 2015!

Listening...There have been some awesome movies on TV today, so I've had lots of great background noise while I worked.  Tonight after evening worship at church, I came back to find The Lucky One on ABC Family.  I LOVED reading that book, and I think they did a great job with the movie too.  Very well-cast.  Of course, the German Shepherd is who really steals my heart though!

Loving...Well, I really already talked about this, so I won't brag.  But, yeah, I've made two posts in two days.  I'm impressed.

Thinking...I wonder if I will ever get caught up with these lessons!  Of course, I am not trying to be negative, especially when I see how hard-hit the Northern states have been this year, but we had multiple delays and missed two complete days of instruction.  Although the snow was nice!  It's just that lovely time of the year when you truly start feeling like EVERY SECOND COUNTS!!!  Of course it does all year long, but there's something about SPRING that makes us all rush around like busy bees!  (I had a unit that I wanted my fourth graders to work on before our International Fair, but there's no way we can finish before then...10 days away, and I see them every OTHER day with my schedule.  I don't want to break the bad news to them, but I think I will let them go ahead and complete their projects and save them for next year's fair.)

Wanting...Which brings me to my next point...the International Fair!  I've been excited/nervous about our follow-up International Fair.  Last year was our district's very first one, and it was SO much better than we'd hoped for!  We weren't sure what the turn-out would be because it was our first time, but it was GREAT!  And everyone had so much fun.  But this year it's a little later than we had it last year, so I hope ballgames don't discourage our turn-out.  We shall see in 10 days though!

A photo with una de mis mejores amigas from International Fair last year!
Needing...I need to wrap up this post and jump over to my lesson plans for tomorrow.  So I'll keep this one short & sweet.  'Nuff said.

Spring Break plans...Well, they were going to be going to see Insurgent about a million times, but now I can't even go to the premiere.  :(  I'm going to have surgery that day, so I will be recovering during my spring break.  I think that timing will be convenient, but that's never how any of us WANT to spend our vacation days!  Oh, well!  I know I will be resting at least!

Now head back to Farley and check out what the rest of us are up to!  


  1. I love that you're an ESL teacher; we NEED more of you! I hope it warms up soon & that your surgery goes well! Best wishes!

    1. Thank you so much! I haven't found many ESL teachers in the blogging world, but I really hope to make a difference to help others. I am so passionate about my field and just want to share it with everyone!

      Thank you for the well wishes for my surgery.

  2. Congrats on feeling ahead of the game :) I wish I felt that way! And ADORABLE pup!!


    Mrs. Stanford's Class

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, that "ahead of the game" feeling didn't last long! LOL...I suppose it never does for a teacher. Thanks for coming by!


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