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Here we are in April already!  (What's happening to 2015?!)  This weekend was a big one for me because I celebrated the big 2-9 this Saturday and today, of course, was Easter.  That's also why I'm a few days late on my Currently post...blah blah blah...let's get to it!

Listening...Since making the JPG, he's calmed down a little, but my little Jacob Black was really jammin' down on his chew toy a minute ago.  I still hear a crunch every now and then, but I think he's pretty much maximized all he can from the poor toy.  (Oh yeah, and his real name is Doodler, but since I'm a Twihard and he is OBSESSED with me...imprinted, LOL!... - even though he's my mom's dog - and he has that russet-colored fur, I've dubbed him Jacob Black.  But don't worry...I'm really Team Edward!)

Look how excited he is!

Man, he loves that toy!  It's almost gone!

An oldie, but a goodie...See?  I told you I was Team Edward!

Loving...How great I'm feeling!  I was so worried about my surgery (as I mentioned on my last Currently), but I'm feeling great and back to "normal" (whatever that is).  I'm up and at 'em, eating all foods again, and doing most anything!  I go for my post-op follow-up this week, so I'm eager to get the clear and start exercising again!

Thinking...If you're a teacher in a WIDA state, you know that we're in the ACCESS testing window.  That's the test that our English learners take each spring to measure their growth in their English language development (proficiency level).  We were on spring break when the window officially opened, so we hit the ground running on Monday.  I've had great scheduling success so far, so if I keep it up, we should be finished next week!  Which means I can get back to instructional time!  Yay!!!

Wanting...I'm so eager to get busy planning my summer units.  My students have asked me if we could have a summer book club, and of course, I thought it was the greatest idea EVER!  (I have the most amazing students!)  I already have an idea of what I want us to study and the books I want to I just need to plan it all out before I lose my good ideas! get off the computer and prep for tomorrow...lunch, wardrobe, bags know the drill!

My name...I chose to write about my blog name...when I launched my blog and my TpT adventure a while back, I needed something catchy.  So naturally, I sought the creative energies of some of my closest teacher friends.  Two in particular took my suggestions and ideas and ran with it...before I knew it, Inside Bell's Brain was born!  Thanks, DeNeesha & Caryn!  Synergy at its finest, in my opinion!

Now that you've seen what I'm "currently" up to, head back over to Farley's blog and check out what everyone else is up to this spring!  


  1. Congratulations on still being in your 20s...I am just about finished with my 40s!...what great, bright colors you use!...Jacob Black sure is a cutie!
    The Apple Basket Teacher

    1. Aw, thanks so much! I'm trying to make each day of year 29 count! :) And JB appreciates your compliment.

  2. Well, the first thing I noticed was your dog IS SO CUTE! I love your blog!

    1. Thanks so much, Elise! Hope you'll come back soon. I'm a little behind on my posts, but I hope to catch up soon!


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