Our Donors Choose Project: Technology Today Brings Learning Our Way

So we're off to a fresh start in the 2014-2015 school year, and I just posted a new classroom project on Donors Choose.  I'm very interested and involved in incorporating technology with our language learning and in pursuing project-based learning approaches whenever possible.  To that end, we would really like to add a MacBook Air and a Google Chromebook to our classroom technology.  We need more experience with various forms of technology and with these two tools, we could create just about anything!  Continue reading for more info and visit this link when you're ready to give: http://bit.ly/VMIHEA.

What We Need:

Amazon partners with Donors Choose to bring a wonderful shopping experience and variety of products for teacher projects.  These are the Amazon items we have our eyes on for this project.

How You Can Help:
We're in the first week of our project, so all donations are DOUBLED when you enter code INSPIRE.  It takes just 3 minutes to donate.  Can you spare even just $1.00 to help us achieve our dreams?  We would be so appreciative, and photos of students enjoying and using the technology would surely follow.

We hope you can help make this dream a reality this school year! 


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