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2017-2018 Planner Designs

The photos below are samples of the digital paper packs from which I will build your planner(s).  I DID NOT make these papers myself, nor am I taking designers' credit in any way.  I am only including these photos as an example of the digital papers that I would use to design your planner.  I AM NOT reselling graphics.  Click here when you're ready to order!

Now Offering Planner Printing & Finishing!

To help fulfill the demand for your perfectly polished planner, I'm offering print services this year.  Please know that printing and finishing services will require an additional fee.  The personalized planner design itself is $25.  Ordering a personalized planner including your printing and finishing is $50, which includes your planner design, printed, bound, and finished.

Teacher Planner FAQ

I've collected some questions and answers to frequently asked questions about my teacher planners that I'm currently designing.  Hope this helps!
  • What am I purchasing?  You are purchasing a customized digital PDF complete with your selections, design preferences, and contact information.  You select the components that are most helpful to you and your daily routine, and you can leave out the ones that you do not need.  

  • What will I actually get? You will receive a customized digital PDF emailed to the email address you submit with your order.  You may choose to print and bind it or add to a 3-ring binder.  You might even prefer to use it in a PDF annotation app and not print it at all.  How you decide to make it work for you is up to you, but you are responsible for your own printing.

  • When will I get my planner?  Planner orders are addressed in the order in which they are received and in which the personalization information is submitted.  It is important to order early so that I have a record of your request and can return your product to you in a timely manner.  It takes a LONG time to build each one individually.

  • Can I add things to my planner?  Of course!  If you're looking for something in particular or have an idea in mind, just let me know.  Indicate your request when you place your order.  I will contact you while I'm creating your planner to address and discuss any special requests.  It's most helpful if you generate a small sketch to let me know exactly what you envision.  I will get with you so that you can email me your sketch or other ideas. 

  • Can I order a printed planner?  No.  Unfortunately, I have to have a no-printing policy.  However, I have significantly reduced the number of pages in the planner so it is more print-friendly for your purposes.  We can also take out the components of the planner that you do not need.  Both these things eliminate excessive printing.  See above information describing new print services offered!

  • How large is the planner?  My own personal planner is approximately 160 pages.  Depending on the components you add and eliminate, your planner should be approximately the same size. 


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